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Jessica Fox and TS Foxxy Double Team MILF sensation, Simone Sonay

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Jay and her Mother-in-Law, Simone are visiting San Francisco from the Mid-West. The trip is going like most family vacations with in-laws goes: awkward, painfully embarrassing and sometimes down right blood pressure raising. Jay is trying her best to stay calm but Simone is driving her very last nerve into the ground.
The final straw comes when Simone gets in to an argument with a bartender in a dive bar.

It’s almost a relief for Jay when the nice manager lady takes Simone away to discuss the problem she is having with her staff. That feeling, however, doesn’t last long. The bartender grabs Jay and handcuffs her the storage room. Things have now gone from boring, to exciting to down right scary.

Meanwhile Simone faces a whole other set of problems as she is handcuffed in the bar office and Jessica and Foxxy are taking their clothes off. Simone’s squirming and cussing vaguely mask her curiosity with the bulge in each of her perpetrators panties. When Jessica and Foxxy unleash their cocks Simone barely resists, instead she lets the ladies take over and dominate her. A cock in all her holes and two cum loads in her mouth that give a new meaning to kiss and make-up.
Double penetration, cock sucking, intense sex that has all three women sweating and breathless. Simone finally gets to have orgasms that she has always dreamed about from women she has only fantasized over.

And next week, we find out what happened to her daughter-in-law in the final episode of this feature. Download http://bit.ly/TSPussyHunters

Hey Neighbour, Lend me some Sugar. Just stick you cock in it first

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Venus has just moved in next door to a very sexy, curvy babe named Bella. The two have fiery chemistry but little courage to admit it.
After a long night out together, Bella decides she’s had enough of being a chicken, and she runs down the hall in her sheer nightie to wake Venus up.
What Bella doesn’t know is Venus was just stroking her cock while fantasizing about fucking Bella’s full, nature tits. Both girls are turned on beyond to the point of no return and they can’t help but kiss and grope on the couch. Moving to the bedroom, the sex gets steamy when Bella discovers Venus’s hard, perfect cock. The two fuck the night anyway in sexy positions that show off Bella’s amazing tits and ass and Venus incredible body and big cock. Download http://bit.ly/TSPussyHunters

Biker Dungeon: Transsexual Hottie Honey Fucks Angelina Valentine

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It’s surprising Honey doesn’t faint when her cock gets hard. Her dick is so big some models have straight up cancelled the shoot once Honey takes her skirt off. Not Angelina though - she loves big dick and she loves it deep inside. So it’s a match made in biker dungeon hell today for Honey and Angelina. Honey doesn’t say much, she lets her cock do the talking as she pounds it deep into Angelina’s hungry snatch and cums in Angelina’s mouth. Download http://bit.ly/TSPussyHunters

Nurse Fetish - Fucking in the Doctor’s Office with TS Kendra Sinclaire

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More medical role play this week with the sexy, up and coming TS Dom, Kendra Sinclaire who convinces the rookie nurse to let her play doctor. The girls use the medical toys to get in a kinky mood for fucking. The lip spreading tool holds Becky’s pussy open for Kendra’s gloved hand to slip inside. She rubs her g-spot until Becky cums and is ready for her cock. Out from under the panties, comes Kendra’s hard penis and she uses it to probe all the way into Becky’s pussy. The sex is hot, Kendra’s cum shot is nice and thick and both girls have a sexy time exploring each other’s bodies. Download http://bit.ly/TSPussyHunters

Throw the New Girl to the Ava Devine Shark! Introducing TSKelly Klaymour

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Kelly Klaymour makes her debut on TsSeduction.com and what better way to see how she swims in the deep end of the the dominating pool, than to throw the infamous, Ava Devine in with her!
The oral sex in this update is super hot and the fucking does not disappoint as Kelly lets her thick cock do the work in Ava’s pussy and ass.

These two babes go at it, licking up each others cum and fucking until they are sweaty and cumdrunk! Download http://bit.ly/TSPussyHunters

Debuting BRAND NEW DOM to TsPUSSYHUNTERS.COM - Czech Babe Franchezka

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Welcome Czech super star, Franchezka, to TsPussyHunters.com. She is tall, blonde, sexy hot and has a great cock. And if that’s not reason enough to watch this update, Bella for the first time on camera gets fucked in her luscious, bootilious ASS!

Franchezka is a guest at the upper floor brunch and she is getting hard just spying on Bella working the room with her soft, full natural breasts hanging out of her dress. The two rip each other clothes off in the down stairs bar set and have a little foot job and foot worship foreplay before diving into great, hardcore fucking.

And if you thought Bella was hot getting her pussy fucked, wait until you see her take it in the ass. Her orgasms are twice as intense and ever so primal. Love it!
Franchezka can barely contain her own excitement and breathlessly whispers “Bella” as she cums a massive load all over Bella from all the tight fucking in both Bella’s holes. Download http://bit.ly/TSPussyHunters

Dorm Room First Times - Emma Kisses Her first Girl AND Sucks her Cock

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Introducing the very hung and hot Kendra Sinclaire.

A college administration mistake over books a single dorm room with Emma and Kendra. The girls are friendly but not exactly friends. Emma can’t help but sympathize with Kendra who has just moved to this college. She invites her to a party at the sorority house and the two become way better friends. Such better friends that Emma gets up the courage to ask if she can have Kendra be her first ever kiss. Emma can sense that Kendra is “more experienced” and the idea that Kendra could kiss her is soaking her panties with anticipation.

Kendra doesn’t miss a beat and she takes Emma’s offer for a kiss all the way down to her pussy where she licks her slippery cunt until Emma has her first ever orgasm from a girls’ mouth.
Kendra is not going to stop with this little pussy service - she leans up and shows Emma her “pussy” which happens to be a huge, long cock. Isn’t this what everyone says college is for - experimenting? Emma slowly touches Kendra’s cock and the wraps her lips around it getting it nice and wet for pussy.

Kendra commands Emma to go clean out her ass too so she can fuck her tight hole until she cums. And to top off Emma’s firsts, Kendra makes Emma jerk the load out of her cock right on to her face. Download http://bit.ly/TSPussyHunters

Mia Isabella as you have NEVER seen Her Before Fucking a Hot Girl

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Mia Isabella is known for her cock, her banging looks and her trademark giggle while she fucks. She reaches out beyond herself today and tops Ashli with a crop, rope and commands. This is Mia as you have never seen her before. She unloads on Ashli until Ashli’s only option is to cum over and over again.

New designers in the fashion world are always trying to strike out, be trend setters not followers and to find that niche that makes them famous. Mia and Ashli are modeling the cutting edge designs from a very eccentric up and coming designer. The show is hectic and getting undressed between walks is chaotic for the stylists and the models. In mere glimpses, Mia and Ashli flirt across the cat walk. Their chemistry is like tiny fireworks between the swishes of their latex dresses. Once the show is over, Mia goes to work on getting Ashil out of her designer clothes and on to her cock. It’s a charged up night of fucking right on the stage. Download http://bit.ly/TSPussyHunters

A Willingness to be Fucked: TS Venus Hunts Another Pussy and ASS

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Bella is tied and helpless. Her body is exposed as holes for fucking and her need for control is completely washed away by Venus and her hard cock.
Bound mid-air in a suspension, Bella cums repeatedly from Venus fucking her pussy and ass. Venus keeps herself right on the edge of cumming while she dominates Bella and when she finally pulls out of her ass, she cums a river down Bella’s back.

Claire Adams was kind enough to tie Bella in this beautiful, inescapable suspension - thank you, Claire! Download http://bit.ly/TSPussyHunters

Venus Lux - FIRST EVER SCENE - With a Fucking that Leaves Kaylee Breathless

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This is IT - the best brand new girl debut ever - Venus Lux is hot, hung and ever hard as she fucks Kaylee Hilton in this reality based update that takes place in the Kink.com showers.
Kaylee takes advantage of the new performer showering next to her only to end up on her knees getting nailed by the new girls huge cock. Download http://bit.ly/TSPussyHunters